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North Carolina Personal Injury

Have you been seriously injured in a North Carolina car crash, motorcycle crash, or tractor trailer crash? Gabriel E. Zeller, Attorney at Law, can help. Our team of experienced staff help navigate the sometimes confusing, frustrating and scary process of insurance claims and, if necessary, law suits to achieve the recovery you deserve for your injuries. Read More

Immigration Law

We understand how precious this country is to you. At our firm, we assess your immigration options and help you navigate the complicated US immigration system. Gabriel E. Zeller, Attorney at Law, helps individuals with Family-based visas, U visas (for victims of certain crimes who have helped in the investigation or prosecution of the crime)… Read More

Absolute Divorce

We handle North Carolina absolute divorce cases. Whether your legal spouse lives in Reidsville or Reno, Kannapolis or California, we can handle your absolute divorce. We also have experience with divorce in which the spouse lives in a foreign country. Read More


Traffic Law

In North Carolina, there are so many traffic laws that they can seem complicated and hard to follow perfectly. If you have received a North Carolina traffic ticket, contact Gabriel E. Zeller, Attorney at Law, and find out how our experienced traffic attorney and supportive staff can help you. Read More



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